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Talents Concept

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View of talents :  People oriented, venture together, and achievements sharing

Employees are the most valuable wealth and driving-force of the Company. FortuneShip is paying attention to the growth of employees and the company it self. It is dedicated at providing harmonious, comfortable, fair and efficient work environment, rapidly development space and competitive salary, so that employees can share the achievements of the Company together.

View of team : Pursuing excellent, perfecting oneself

Under the leading of about 10 persons venture team, the Company insisted all the time, and was earnest and down-to-earth. It kept challenging itself. The small team was expanded to a large team with about 2,000 persons. The company kept developing ahead, obtaining good public prise from lots of international large companies.

View of behaviour : Serious, efficient, keeping promise

The company always obey the principle of "high-key work, low-key man" . It combines the serious work attitude and highly efficient output, insisting on the principle of "knowledge and action are one" . It keeps promise for clients. This is the behaviour principle of every employee.

View of Service : There is a starting point of service, but not an end of satisfaction

The company regards meeting clients' needs as the chance of growing. It continuously innovates. It is dedicated at reforming the technology and working hard at providing more value to clients.

View of employment : Attracting people by mechanism, cohering people by environment, retaining people by business, protecting people by system

Put people in an important position with good character and professional competence. Don't employ people without neither of the two. People with good character but no professional competence can be alternative when employing. People with professional competence but no good character can't be employed. 

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