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Gather strength to press ahead by adhering to the original inspiration | The 2018 Spring Festival 18km Hiking Round Honghua Lake comes to a successful close

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Spring always comes unconsciously. With the arrival of thenew year, all things on the earth usher in an exciting revival. To strengthenthe construction of the cadre force of the Group, cultivate and enhance thecoordinated consciousness, executive force and tenacious will of the managementteams of the Group at all levels, and make great efforts to create the highefficient management team, the middle and senior management personnel ofFortuneShip Group (including its headquarters and base in Huizhou), theexcellent staff members of the year of 2017, the sailors of the year of 2017joined hands with the middle and senior management personnel of Water WorldGroup to conduct the 2018 Spring Festival 18km Hiking Around Honghua Lake . 

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