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Warmth given to poverty-stricken employees’ families at the FortuneShip Zunyi Base

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Zunyi City was in the continuous freezing rain and snow weather recently so that a fire was needed.Recently, the 2018 Love and Care Activity kicked off at FortuneShip Groups Zunyi Base. The leaders at the base visited the employees families which are in bad economic conditions, having the articles of consolation got ready at an early day.

They carried the supplies of consolation into the north of Guizhou Province, giving care and blessings to the poverty-stricken employees. The temperature dropped to -0, with frost hanging on tree branches. On the way was filled with thick mist, making the villages seem extraordinary peaceful. The narrow meandering footpath is inaccessible for cars so that the visitors had to carry the bags of rice on the shoulder and quilts in the hands, walking on the muddy road

The employees to be visited are in multiple departments and their families are in different regions. After arriving at each family, the consolation group was warmly received, with the unadorned enthusiasm of villagers. The members of the consolation group tried to get a full picture of the actual situation of these families and faithfully listened to their development and changes over the past years. Meanwhile, the consolation group expressed that they will continue paying attention to their family conditions, and grant assistance within their power.

The consolation group of the Base had visited many poor families. Our aim is simple. We just want to send our care and the articles of consolation to them so that they could spend the winter in a better manner. In the following, the Company’s consolation activities will continue. Meanwhile, we hope that more enthusiastic people will join us in the care for the needed families. Love needs to be conveyed, and more care will generate more warmth.

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