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Fire-fighting festival -- 2017 Fire Evacuation Practical Drill of FortuneShip Group

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

FortuneShipGroup always pays attention to fire safety awareness for safe production andsafe office. In order to strengthen the employees' fire safety awareness andpublicize fire safety knowledge, the headquarters and each base will carry outfire practical drill for once or multiple times. In today's fire-fighting festival,the headquarters carried out practical drill for fire evacuation at 5:30 in theoffice building.

Autumnis a period with high incidence of fire due to the dry weather, so we shallalways keep alert, keep strong safety protection awareness and prepare inadvance. On the fire-protection publicity day, we shall exemplify, demonstrateour actions and pass on the safety awareness.

Onthis fire drill, fire alarm totally lasted 6 minutes 30 seconds until all staffgathered in the designed safety area. Though not greatly different from that ofthe previous year, it hopes that everyone may continuously strengthen the fireawareness in the repeated drills and publicize this safety awareness and indeedimprove fire awareness by drills!

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