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Double Ninth Festival | The Ship of Fortune calls for concerted effort to bravely challenge new height!

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Itcomes to 9 Sep. (Chinese lunar calendar) again, and all activities of ascendinga height, appreciating chrysanthemum, autumn outing and respecting the elderlyon the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival are inheriting and promotingtraditional culture. Most of us are residing far away from home, though it ishard for us to be together with our families on the occasion of the festival,we have the big family of FortuneShip. The Group headquarters organized 2017Double Ninth Festival Mountaineering Activity at 10:00 AM today — Makingconcerted efforts and challenging new height. On the 5km mountain winding roadto the peak, we ascended high and overlooked together. Relieving the fatigueand pressure in work, getting close to the nature, breathing the fresh air andexperiencing the relaxation and pleasure after sweating are what we achieved!

Makingconcerted efforts and bravely challenging new height — the mountaineeringactivity of FortuneShip Group (Shenzhen) 2017 is successfully completed. Weshall meet in the next year!

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