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The Prize-Winning Works of the Sixth Employee Photography Contest of FortuneShip Group are Announced!

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Theprize-winning works of "2017 (the Sixth) Employees' Photography Contest ofFortuneShip Group" have been announced. Totally 256 works have been contributedto this photography contest and the prize-winning works were finally determinedafter preliminary selection by employee representatives, then by professionalanalysis and sensory perception that is jointly performed by public reviewersand judges who are specialized in photography, and then by jointly voting.Meanwhile, the works winning "the prize of the most cyber popularity"also rolled out after all the works are posted on the WeChat platform of the Groupand voted by the mass. The Group uniformly awarded prize to the winning worksand have a group photo taken to mark the occasion today!


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