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[Huizhou Base] The Third Employees' Skill Contest is Successfully Completed

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

On9 Sep., Huizhou Base of FortuneShip Group carried out the third session of employees’skill contest. Aiming at motivating all staffs' passion for learningprofessional skills and knowledge and giving rise to a new climax of learningvocational knowledge, this skill contest is a comprehensive contest onprofessional skills and competences for employees on all technical posts suchas product quality testing and inspection.

Witharound 120 employees participating in, this contest is divided into 4 parts,i.e. contest of cell phone function testing (team), contest of cell phoneappearance inspection, contest of cell phone lens pasting and contest of screenprotecting film pasting for finished cell phone. It was carried out orderly andsystematically under strict supervision of the jury. While fairness and justiceare insured, top three players of each program were chosen and awarded.

Wehope that it may create an atmosphere for learning professional knowledge,promoting the employees' professional competences and qualification,strengthening the employees' cohesion and loyalty so as to lay a sound basisfor improving the company's production efficiency and product quality throughthis contest.

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