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Huizhou Base-Enhance Fire-fight Promotion; Popularize Fire-fight Knowledge

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In the afternoon of June 28th, first fire drill of 2017 FortuneShip Group Huizhou Base is carried out as schedule. Each fire drill is fire fight consciousness promotion to raise awareness of fight protection. The understanding for fire fight facility and the way how to use it can be enhanced during this fire drill, so as to improve our competence to deal with fire accidents. We may employ the correct way to put out and control a fire and prevent it from expanding, so as to assure personal and property safety.

Full preparation is the guaranteefor fire drill to be successfully carried out.

Alarm bell rang, each department escaped from safety passage in order.

Arrived at the designated location, the safety director madean explanation for the purpose and notice of this fire drill.

Safety director explained the wayto use fire extinguisher and hydrant, as well as how to deal with chemicalsleaking to all the employees. And they also had the chance to get involved andpractice.

Employees are practicing how to usefire extinguisher.

Expound how to deal with chemicals leaking.

How touse fire hose-careful instructor and attentive workers.

In addition,improving self-rescue competence is the key of the fire drill. We hope, witheach fire drill, our fire fight awareness can be raised, fire protection skillscan be strengthened, fire knowledge can be well expanded.

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