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Ebullience Is Blowing in the Wind—— Yantian Boardwalk 15-kilometer-Hiking

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In the warm April, the season of flowerscoming out in a rush, we went for a hike with breeze from the sea. When wewalked along the 15-kilometer coastline of Yantian Boardwalk, we could smelland feel the condition that everything are coming to life. We watched the seaand laughed……

When arriving at the departure location, wedivided into groups as planning and checked the whole member. After that, westarting off.

Strode after the waving flag.

Walked on the boardwalk surrounded by greenmountain and blue sea water.

When walking on the boardwalk, feeling theocean breeze, and facing the blue sea, we forgot all the worries. What was onlyleft was the good mood. How could we forget to take some more pictures!

When seeing this, are you thinking that we’vearrived at the destination? The truth is that we just can’t help to stop andtake group pictures for the journey we’ve been through together.

The moment we see the view that mountain andwater merge into one, we forget all the worries.

Just like all roads lead to Rome. If we walk bythe scenic passage, we can have a panoramic view.

Colorful and splendid flowers are filled withthe journey. You can almost hear the voice generated by the plant growing. Whata vibrant spring!

Stand on the reef rocks, listen to the waves and feel the gentlesea breeze.

Immersed in the wide blue sea. Lift up yourtrousers and touch with your tiptoe. That’ s the way how people know when waterbecomes warm.

The posture shows how we feel.

To our surprise, we finish the 15-kilometerhiking before we know it. What does it mean? Are you tired? Are there anydifferences between this group picture and the previous one? No, not at all.And there is one common point between them, that is passion of youth and goodmood.

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