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Zunyi Base- Everyone Conduct 7S; Start with Details

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March is the 7S month for FortuneShip Zunyi Base. To make sure that everybody take part in the 7S activity and stay away from dirty and mess, we have carried out some evaluation activities such as 7S knowledge competition and determined the outstanding individuals and groups. On the April 10th, the close meeting arranged by quality dept. and participated by principals and managerial persons of each dept. was held. Up to now, the 7S activity of the 1st phase has come to an end.

The activity will be carried out in stages according to the principal of order, verve and transparency in order to create a clean environment and enhance working enthusiasm and productivity.

Workshop Slogan.

To find out the problems through checking.

7S competition.

7S Awarding Summary

During the early stage of evaluation, the signs of each corner of the industrial park have been clarified and worker behaviors have been made to be standard, which is a nice beginning for the factory order standardization. During the competition, many a colleague who are full of knowledge and working capacity appeared. They took an active role in the competition, making it a successful activity.

Awarding group pictures.

7S Summary Meeting

Since the implementation of 7S activity, a deeper understanding for 7S has generated and a better working environment has created. In the following steps, we will enhance the foundation management from details through sincere cooperation among each depts. We will carefully look at the work behaviors of all the workers and try to do the 7S better so as to make sure that all employees take part in 7S and stay away from dirty and mess. 

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