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To Learn Fire Fighting Knowledge and Make a Safe Environment

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To implement the fire-fighting principle of “prevention is thepriority; prevention and fighting should be combined”, to enhance staff’sfire-fighting knowledge and skill, and to reinforce company’s safety education,FortuneShip Group Zunyi Base invited Sir Li Jiacai from Guizhou Fire-fightingPromotion Center to do the safety training for the managerial personnel on theafternoon of April 5th.

Sir Li explain the fire-fighting control, modern fire features,basic knowledge of evacuation and the way how to use the fire equipment insimple language with fire example these years such as tall building fire,automobile fire and electricity fire.

Furthermore, he exchanged idea with audience from automobile to house decoration, from factory fire to tall building fire which are common potential fire hazards.

Sir Li enumerate lots of real examples and on-site pictures to show the terrible consequence from lack of fire protection awareness and relevant knowledge.

At last, Sir Li Explainedand demonstrated the way how to prevent fire, to deal with fire, to use fireequipment and to escape.

After the fire-fighting training, employees’ fire-fighting awareness and skills were enhanced, and the principle of “shake; pull ; spray” was really understood, which had created a safe environment for Zunyi Base’s development.

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