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People’s Choice Award of 2017 FortuneShip Spring Festival Gala Announce

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In the light of theprinciple of fairness, justice and open, after 3-day wechat voting,People’sChoice Award of 2017 FortuneShip Spring Festival Gala finally Announce. Theshow with top 5 votes will be awarded. Here we show our gratitude to thedevotion of all the performers. 

We grant the trophyand bonus to the top 5 winners and Golden Mike Award to the 4 hosts. 

Thetop 5 winners are:

                               Classical dance Flowery March

                               Comic sketch Flat-SharedMan and Woman



                               Comic sketch Superrecruitment

▲Golden Mike Award tothe 4 hosts

Performers of classical dance Flowery March

Performers of comic sketch Flat-Shared Man and Woman

Performers of Opening Dance

Performers of Doll Play

Performers of Comic sketchSuper recruitment

 Group picture.

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