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Welcome FortuneShip’s new sailors

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Having been afactory intern for a month, sailors of 2016 who are thenew staff of fresh graduates return to headquarter of FortuneShip On April 11th. With one-month’s work in the production line, the sailors have gained ageneral understanding about FortuneShip corporation and its products. Heads,program managers and some technical experts share something important with themabout FortuneShip’s prospect, policies to foster young staff  and product knowledge, etc. The sailors showgreat eagerness to learn and willingness to join FortuneShip, so as to supportthe ship to move forward.

A head ofcorporation sitting at meeting room, is listening to sailors’ voice andanswering their questions.

During the discussion part, the head and manager of  human resource department are having  conversation with the sailors, trying to understand and solve the problems they have met in the factory.

The trainingmanager is giving a detailed introduction of FortuneShip and the following trainingcontents.

Head of qualitycontrol system is introducing the basic information about relevant departments.

Some programprincipals and technical experts are answering questions from the sailors.

The sailors arefully involve in giving their voice.

Salary principalis introducing reward policy.

We are young andon the way. With you, we move forward together!

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