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A batch of excellent tutor of FortuneShip Group were commended!

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Tocommend the advanced staff tutors and create a good cultural atmosphere inwhich tutors are respected, and everybody strives to become a tutor. As theTeachers’ Day approached, the Group, on this morning, commended a batch ofbusiness tutors and administrative tutors who excelled in the professionalguidance work for new employees for the year from 2017 to 2018, and presentedto them respectively the honorary titles of ExcellentBusiness Tutor or Excellent Administrative Tutor.!

20 staff membersof the Group were granted the title of “Excellent Tutor,” including 12 peoplewith the title of “Excellent Business Tutor” and eight people with the title of“Excellent Administrative Tutor.” Let’s congratulate them with warm applause!

The annual awards of “ExcellentBusiness Tutor” and “Excellent Administrative Tutor” represent the highesthonor bestowed on the tutors of the new staff. It is hoped that the winnerswill cherish such honor and work harder to make greater progress at thetutorial work. Meanwhile, it is hoped that all tutors, both in business andadministration, will positively learn from these advanced figures, and play therole as an experienced veteran; and that they will mutually assist and promote,and make contributions to the healthy, fast and orderly development of allkinds of businesses of the Group. Let’s grow together with FortuneShop!

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