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Welcome interns from Zunyi Normal College to Zunyi Base

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Another batch ofinterns received their internship at FortuneShip Group, as well as theworkshops at the Zunyi Base to commence the 3-month internship. The second halfof each year is the peak season for the interns from Zunyi Normal College,cooperative partner with our group, to come to have their internship at ourbase, working and living together with us.    

As per theinternship plan, we received a total of more than 60 interns from Zunyi NormalCollege. All of them are graduates of 2016 of the college. Last Friday, as perthe arrangement, the workers of the Zunyi Base drove to pick them in good time. 


Since Zunyi Basebecame the practical teaching base of the college, we assumed the duty ofproviding site of internship for their graduates. We warmly received each ofthem, and conducted the internship scheme strictly in accordance with thecooperation plan so as to promote the relationship between the Base and thecollege, and achieve the benefits of three parties of the school, the group andthe graduates. 

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