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3rd Zunyi Base Staff Techniques Competition closes

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You would becomean expert if you kept on doing the same simple thing repeatedly, and you wouldstand out as winner if you did the same thing with hearts. In the seeminglysimple work, you could still make outstanding achievements. Recently,FortuneShip Group Zunyi Base held the 3rd Staff TechniquesCompetition and closed with satisfactory results. 

This is the third time of such technique competition held at Zunyi Base since its establishment, aiming to enhance the operating ability and degree of circumspection of its staff working at the workshops. Based on the nature of the process of the assembly factory and the SMT plant, the contents of the competition consisted of five items: welding, functional test, appearance test, manual welding and identification of materials. More than 200 staff members registered for the individual events, while 17 groups participated in the group events. Supervised by the jury, the first three prizes had been selected for each event. 

Such techniquecompetition has been held at the base for many times, which has not onlydemonstrated the need of the Base for skilled talents, but fully affirmed theirability and responsibilities on the work positions. It is hoped that throughthe competitions more staff members will be stimulated to work with theresearch and meticulous attitude, enhance their own professional skills andmake greater progress!

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