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2018 first military training development activity concluded successfully in Zunyi base

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Sharpen willpower in hardships, establish standard from exercises

On April 21, 2018 first military training development activity was organized in Zunyi base of FortuneShip Group, with over 200 participants including front-line management staffs and all factory managers and directors.

Military appearance and gesture are more than postural highlights but character of a person, a team and even an enterprise, which directly reflects personal cultivation, team level and corporate service quality. Hence, we hope to apply standard concept and movement to daily work through standard military operation.

From military training, we understand more about the truth that it’s not we aren’t persistent, but we tend to seek the ground of compromise; that it’s not we’re unable, but we tend to tell ourselves we can’t, that it’s not we’re less capable, but we don’t believe we can do it at all, and that it’s not we’re incapable, but we have will to do.

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