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Official launch of Months of Quality Activities for 2018 in Zunyi base!

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Following the guidelines of “improving efficiency, lowering cost, all participation” of the Group, in order to improve product quality, prevent occurrences of error, omission and mixing, and enhance quality awareness of personnel in various levels, launching assembly of Months of Quality Activities for 2018 in Zunyi base of FortuneShip Group was officially held on April 09.

This campaign will be carried out by closely focusing on the theme of “everyone cares for quality, everyone values quality, everyone pursues quality, improve quality level of the whole factory with joint efforts”, and will come with series of theme activities, including quality appraisal with shift/production lien as the unit, 3 large technical tackling projects for the purpose of improving product quality, as well as competitions of various skills and professional knowledge, in order to achieve the goal of all participation.

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