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Sailors Plan|2008 college students register

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The 2007 “Sailors” of FortuneShip Group have now been fit in with the Company, and have adapted smoothly to their respective posts. The college trainees of 2018 registered with the Zunyi Base of the Group on March 19, and signed the internship agreement. This year, the base received a total of 16 excellent fresh graduates across the country. It has always been our principle to respect, love and cultivate talents. The processes from reception of college graduates, signing of internship agreements, visit to the Zunyi Base and systematic training at our company are conducted in an orderly manner. The powerful strength and infinite development potential of the Group, as well as the enthusiasm of the work group, give these “sailors” a sense of belonging to the company.

Upon completion of training, they will be assigned to different positions. A dream is always associated with the future! Welcome to join FortuneShip! Here will be an important starting point in your life, where your career will set sail!

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