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FortuneShip Group’s participation in the 2018MWC reported by main stream media from Europe and U.S.A.

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The 2018 Mobile World Congress (“MWC”) was closedsatisfactorily on March 1, on which all major manufacturers exhibited their newproducts. FortuneShip also displayed its AI translation/interpretation productsof four categories, including Bluetooth translation devices, earphoneinterpreters, independent translator series, intelligent speakers, tracers andindependent translation terminals at the site, which had attracted a largenumber of influential clients, counterparts and media. Such famous enterprisesas China Mobile and Huawei had exhibited our products; meanwhile, all famouscompanies and distributors had expressed their hope to discusscooperation with us. Immediately after the exhibition, nearly 300 overseasmainstream network media had run reports on our products, or reprinted the newsof FortuneShip’s participation in the exhibition as well as its new products.According to the statistics, nearly 100 million people from Europe and U.S.A. hadbrowsed the news related to our company and our products every day. 

Workersdemonstrate the translation/interpretation effects of the Spanish language bythe officials from the Education Bureau of Barcelona

SomeArabian clients have dialogues between Mandarin and Arabian by means oftranslation/interpretation machines

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