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Commence work of the new year with auspicious lion dancing

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Happy new year, everybody! Let’s start to work in the newyear! With the beating of drums and after the leaders painted the eyes of the“lions,” they danced elegantly and vigorously, and then performed the movementsof picking green leaves, receiving fortune, giving out couplets from theirmonths and paying thankful visits to households or shops. By such, they spreadgood luck to every corner of China.

The leaders painted the eyes of the “lions” to wake them up,thus bestowing on them the capacity of spreading happiness and good luck, aswell as prosperity, wealth and booming business.

The picking green leaves by the auspicious lions implied thearrival of good luck, fortune and progress.

Upon ceremony of the dancing lions, the employees were eachgiven a red bag  containing luck money.

The year of 2018 has begun, with a new style and targets. We willnot be confined to fantasy; instead we will roll up our sleeves and work withdouble efforts since we know that happiness comes from hard work!

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