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The Year of Dog comes with a flourishing age

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

The Spring Festival of 2018 isaround the corner. Given that it is the Chinese tradition to write springfestival scrolls for a new year, the Headquarters of the Group had speciallyinvited some colleagues who excel in calligraphy to write spring festival scrollson this morning, which could be taken home by them. It is hoped that the auspiciousspring festival scrolls would bring the new years blessingto all colleagues. 

This tradition has permeated the depth of hearts of the Chinese people so that we had held such event for many years. The site was filled the fragrant ink smell. The calligraphers each have their own characteristics---some present vigorous and firm strokes; some wrote smoothly and naturally just like murmuring water; some demonstrated a fine and elegant style. Each pair of scrolls had got the praise of the colleagues. All of the colleagues competed for a pair of scrolls, hoping to bring the blessing of the new year home!

Spring festival scrolls bring joys to the colleagues at every Spring Festival!

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