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[Zunyi Base] Sing for Youth and be Grateful for Going Together!

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Being grateful and repaying is a source of all virtue. In order topublicize, comprehend and experience gratitude, Zunyi Base of FortuneShip Groupcarried out the Second Gratitude Activity and Karaoke Contest for Youthyesterday.

This activity is divided into "understanding gratitude throughperformance" and "individual karaoke signing" and the forms ofperformance include dance, chorus, flute solo, guitar playing and singing,speech, recite and solo, etc. The various types of performance exhibited theversatility and the positive spirit of showing themselves of the FortuneShip staff."The infinite youth is as passionate as fire", each performer is fullof youthful spirit!

"Oneshall be grateful and inherit the spirit of loyalty". We state commitmentto love with songs and we interpret our parents' unselfish dedication withdances, we know how to be grateful and the FortuneShip staff knows more aboutthe significance of gratitude, and we prove with our action that the gratitudeis unlimited and hope that the grateful sensation could dwell in everyone'sheart eternally.

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