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Congratulate Aerospace Vocational College and FortuneShip Group on Opening A New Chapter of University-Industry Cooperation

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Withthe aim of innovating the training mode for industrial talents and boosting thedevelopment of the intelligent terminal industry which is led by big data,FortuneShip Group and Guizhou Aerospace Vocational and Technical College(GAVTC) carried out a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in XinpuEconomic Development Zone in the afternoon of 24 Oct., thereupon a new chapterof university-industry cooperation is started.

FortuneShipGroup, GAVTC and Guizhou Xinpu Economic Development Investment jointly signed athree-party agreement on university-industry cooperation.

Bothparties expressed that they would take this opportunity of university-industrycooperation to bring each other's advantages into full play, deepen the waysand modes of university-industry cooperation, strive to realize the virtuouscircle that "the university cultivates talents for the industry, while theindustry exercises talents for the university", and impel both parties torealize coordinated development in cooperation and achieve win-win.

FollowingZunyi Fortune Scientific City is put into use and business such as Internet ofThings and artificial intelligence are laid out, FortuneShip Group, as aleading enterprise in the economic development zone, will provide large amountof job opportunity and its demand to industrial workers will keep onincreasing. With consummate teaching and management systems, GAVTC is capableof cultivating industrial workers who meet the demand of the enterprise and achievedevelopment and strengthening of both the college and the company. And it alsoset up a new model and benchmark for other enterprises to carry outuniversity-industry cooperation in future.

FortuneShipGroup and GAVTC will carry out all-around and multi-level university-industrycooperation for one year by establishing base on each other's premise, buildingemployment training base, setting up directed training mechanism, jointlyestablishing full-time (part-time) training class and setting upuniversity-industry-government cooperative virtual platform, etc.

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