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Excellent Lecturers of FortuneShip Group Commended!

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Inorder to praise these excellent instructors and encourage more to beinstructors, the Group commended many business instructors and administrative instructorswho showed great dedication in this new staff training, and granted them"Excellent Business Instructor" and "Excellent AdministrativeInstructor" respectively before the Teacher's Day.

ExcellentInstructors of Headquarter

ExcellentInstructors of Zunyi Base

Excellent Instructors of Huizhou Base

ExcellentInstructors of Indian MCM

30excellent instructors are awarded, including 18 "Excellent Business Instructor"and 12 "Excellent Administrative Instructor". It is a pity that 11honored instructors are not present, but let’s congratulate them with warmapplause!


Annual"Excellent (Business/Administrative) Instructor" is the highest honorin the Group for new instructors. We hope the awarded instructors to cherishthe honor and make persistent efforts in new staff instruction; meanwhile, wehope all business instructors and administrative instructors to learn fromthese awarded instructors, and contribute your part to our Group’s healthy andsteady development while growing with FortuneShip!

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