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Lecturers’ Summary and Commendation Meeting for Internal Lectures of FortuneShip

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

Theover two-month internal lectures of FortuneShip Group has successfully come toan end. Yesterday, staffs from HR department and lecturers made a summery onthis internal lectures.

Thistraining is tailored for highly specialized colleagues and has received widepraise.

Let'sreview the lectures:

"OperationProcedure & Mode of Fortune LC"

"ProductionPlan and Inventory Management"

"CommonTools for Quality Data Analysis and Cases"


"Procurement Process and Management Experience"

"Mobile Phone Shooting"

"QualityManagement on Mobile Phone PCBA R&D, Control of QC Points in PCBAProduction as well as its Precautions and Solutions"


"Introduction to Logistics Operation of FortuneShip"

"Introductionand Application of Reliability"


"PCBAFailure Cases"

LecturesSummary Meeting (some lecturers presented)

GroupPhoto of Internal Lecturers 2017 (Incomplete)

Here,I want to express my gratitude for all your great efforts from lecturer recruitment,lecture preparation till the end of this training! I’m really impressed by allthe lecturers’ unselfishness while sharing knowledge and skills, which representstheir confidence and their dedication. Please allow me to wish you "Happy Teachers’Day" in advance, and you have earned the title!

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