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Zunyi Base-Raise Fire Protection Consciousness and Build a Safe Factory

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Safety is the priority. Toraise awareness of fire protection, to improve fire protection skills, to learnemergency escape knowledge, to improve self-rescue capacity and to build a safeproduction circumstance finally, FortuneShip Zunyi Base organized a fire protectiondrill on May 27th.

Security department led the rehearsal and SMT staff participated in all the activities including emergency escape, evacuation, fire protection demonstration. During the drill, security department introduced in detail factory fire protection, location that fire can easily break out., proper way to escape during a fire and principle and usage of fire extinguisher. In addition, they displayed the way how to use the fire-fighting water bag and extinguisher, from which people knew more about fire protection.

Alerts. Peopleare evacuating in order.

Arrive at thesafe destination.

Emphasize againthis drill’s object and importance.

Display the correct way to use the fire protection facility.

Introduce theright way to use the fire extinguisher.

To use the fireextinguisher in practice.

The drill comesto an end. A drill summary is making.

Through this rehearsal, people’s fire protection awareness is raised. Meanwhile, we call upon all our employees to spread all the knowledge and skills they have learn to their colleagues and friends around, so that all of us can understand safe production is always a warning. Furthermore, the drill lays a foundation for our idea of safe factory.

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