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Huizhou Base-The 2nd Manager Competence Improvement Training (Phase 1)

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To strengthen managerial staff’s managing knowledge, to improve the managing competence, and to enhance executing ability,

 Huizhou Base arranged the 2nd Manager Competence Improvement Training (phase 1) from the beginning of March and the

 end of May, which is also an effective way to prepare managers for company.

To balance the daily production and training, the training was divided into four phases, and every phase was available for 15 

persons. And the managerial staff that intended to participate were also into 4 group, 15 persons for each, according to their 

production work condition. The training adopts credits amass as its course style. Each class instructors would assess and 

grade the participants in accordance with their performance, attendance, homework and practice. Base on the final score and comprehensive assessment from instructors, excellent cadets would be granted honor awards, qualified cadets would be 

given the completion certificate, while those who fail have to attend the next training. Also, cadets can do the evaluation 

for instructors. At the end of each course, cadets should choose one excellent instructor, which is quite a proper way 

for cadets and instructors’ mutual improvement.

The 2ndManager Competence Improvement Training (phase1) is commencing——simple opening meeting.Instructors 

inspire cadets first. Come on, you can do it.

Let’s seewhat are the cadets need to learn——WOW, that isnot a few. Just do it!

With 2-month effort, the program is finally completed.Congratulate on all the cadets who can finish the courses. 

We hope that all theknowledges that are learned on class can be applied in the actual work, whichwill be an 

important brick for the whole building of development ofFortuneShip.

The cadets ofphase 1 who have completed the program are taking group pictures withinstructors. 

Congratulate on them and thanks to all the instructors.

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