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Zunyi Base-First Primary Managerial Staff Training Workshop

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No one can make your decision, no one can fulfill your dream as well. You are the one to make it. “The one who try hard is the one who succeed. During the high-speed growing process, we lay more strict requirements on basic level managerial staff. Thus, Primary Managerial Staff Training Workshop commenced on May the 7th, which is a valuable opportunity for the foundation personnel to enhance their competence.

Thisweekend, all the supervisors, instructors and cadets took an active role inthis course even they didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their spare time. On thecommencement meeting, director and HR manager from assembly factory delivered aspeech respectively, in hope to encourage cadets to learn more, listen more andspare no effort to improve their management skills, devoting to company’sfuture development. Meanwhile, they admired all the cadets’ initiative andimpose high expectation on them.

After listeningto supervisors’ encouragement, all the cadets wrote down their studying mottos.We believe their will surely realize their vision.

The part oneof the courses began after the meeting. Instructor is giving lessons.

Take notes and answer the paper question.

Their attributesof pursuing knowledge and fighting for improvement is examples for us tofollow. At the same time, we hope all the cadets can keep learning andachieving life value.

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