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“Sailors Series”——2017 Graduates Join Us

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Last year, FortuneShip Group’s sailor programhelp a group of fresh graduates find their career here. This year, 16 sailorsarrived at Zunyi Base and join FortuneShip. We value a lot the sailors becausewe always pursue and cherish talents. HR and relevant supervisors togetherreceived sailors, helped them sign the trainees agreement and guided themaround the whose factory base. The great strength, potential and enthusiasmfrom colleagues made them feel positive and full of passion.

 ▲Sign the agreements

▲Introduction to FortuneShip prospects.

Introduction to our internal regulation and welfare system.

Introduction to the whole development layout of Zunyi Base

Products introduction in display hall

Products display hall.

Dust-free production workshop

Zunyi urban and rural planning display hall

To know Zunyi urban and rural planningin detail

Display room are showing the picture of governmentsupervisors visiting FortueShip

Development planning

Simulation and video showing Zunyi urban and rural planning

At last, the sailors were led to the Science Town that isabout to be constructed. So far, the activities to receive sailors werefinished. Next, they will participate in 3-day military training.

Dreams connect to future. Come and join us.

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