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2017,Lion Dance to Welcome an Auspicious Working Commence

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Realize Your Ambition, Build Your Cause

On your marks! Time to start work! A seriesof traditional and jubilant activity with Cantonese characteristic were proceeded to carry good fortune to everywheresuch as Gong playing, drum beating, lion dance, lion pdim zing, lion choi cheng, catch fortune,lion giving out couplet, lion paid visit around offices. After the lion dance,lai see was given to all staff. Some colleagues were busy paying new year visitand getting more lai see. What a joyous day!

Here comes a brand new 2017with our new resolutions.

Dim Zing(dot on lion’s eyes): awaken lions, and bestow them to extend happiness and auspiciousness, givingthe message of business prosperity.

Lions giving out couplets

Lions pay a new year call to each superiors, extending auspiciousness and fortune to every corner.

Lions dance at front office of sixth floor.

Lions pay a new year call to each superiors of sixth floor, extending auspiciousness and fortune.

With boisterous gongs and drums, lions return to front office, suggesting that the lions dance come to an end and FortuneShip has stepped into 2017. Wish our trade and business a great success this year. Meanwhile, we extend our sincere wish to our partners. May all iswell.

After the lion dance, it is time to get the working lai see.

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