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Thanksgiving Activities Rounded off at Zunyi Base

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Being thankful is a positive attitude and lifestyle that praises the goodness of life. Originating from love and hope for life, it is also the source of happiness. Being thankful is always atraditional Chinese virtue. To enhance the thanksgiving education for all the employees, 2016 Poetry Recitation Party was held at Zunyi Base on November 24th. Everybody gathered here, sang and danced, which warmed the whole Base.

The guiding staff was on their marks and ready to receive.

The venue was orderly and cozily arranged.

Handsome gentleman and beautiful lady were the hosts.

Excellent individual recitation.

Group recitation.

During the recitation, each contestant gave their deep gratefulness and praise to parents,teachers,friends,nature,society and our country in accordance with their own experience and feeling,which has triggered the admiration of thanksgiving. The outstanding performance has touched all the judges and won the applause of all attendants. Meanwhile,company supervisors thought highly of them.

During a party, talent show such as vocal solo and sitcom was a must.

Elegance dance

Many a employee had participated in the show, drawing attention of managerial personnel. The activity was themed with thanksgiving,where dancing, singing, acting and reciting was blending together, making it an unforgettable and surprising party.

Gesture language show: A Grateful Heart

At 8 pm, accompanied with the song A Grateful Heart and the gesture language performance, the activity reached the final section.

The show nearly came to the close, but our grateful heart would never cease. Let’s sign and promise never stop being grateful.

At the time of name signing, individual and group recitation rewards were decided, which showed that the activity rounded off.

This activity has enhanced and deepened the gratefulness education that is embedded in our heart now. We should always be thankful and show gratitude to all the people surrounding us. Thus, let’s give our deepest gratitude to the staff who prepared and arranged the party. We wish you a better tomorrow!

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