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May Dreams Beside You|Highlights of 2017 FortuneShip Group New Sailor Recruitment

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FortuneShip Group settled in Zunyi, Guizhou in 2016

We look to and embrace future.

2017 Talents Plan, Sailors start at 5 universities in 2 provinces

Let’s approach and touch our dreams 

Up to now, 2017 Sailors recruitment campus-talk has come to an end. During these short 3 days, our college recruitment team has given a number of informative teach-in related to dreams and future.

Our feet has stepped in: Guihzou University, Guihzou University of Finance and EconomicsZunyi Vocational College, Chongqing Technology and Business University,Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering

 Recruitment teach-in

 Students were taking a positive part in.

 Written test


 Giving admission letter .

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