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Outstanding Teams Are Honored at Zunyi Factory

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To mobilize the employees and make them aqualified, excellent and cohesive team, Zunyi base of FortuneShip has held anappraisal to award them themed with Build Outstanding And Advanced Groups.

Keeping the principle of “full participation& mutual supervision”, we assess the employees through work completion,work skills, services, behaviors and safety management, furthermore weestablish a stipulation of Outstanding Groups AppraisalMeasure. Each department should score each group every day, every week. Thescore is the only source for appraisal to make sure that the whole activity isfairly and efficiently carried out. Through careful assessment, excellentgroups of each department are finally confirmed this month. They will bepositive model for all the other groups to seek progress.

Outstanding Group appraisal help to build apositive atmosphere of competing, learning, exceeding, helping and progressing,which activates their subjective initiative and encourages them to keepimproving through healthy competition.

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