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Unlock Your Passion While Playing Badminton | 2016 FortuneShip Second Badminton Game

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

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To enrich after-work activity, advocatethe concept of “love life, love sports”and provide all the employees with astage to show their talents and exchange idea, we held the second badminton game of FortuneShip last Saturday. 88 contestantsparticipated the game, making it an event full of vigor. Unlike the game lastyear, this time a new match “Just for fun” was added beside the traditionalMen&Women’s Singles and Doubles, which was more like a funny game ratherthan competition.

The competition is intense as last year’swas.

Before the game, the organizers are emphasizing the rules andprecautions to the judges.

How athletic!

Here is what we called“Just For Fun”.

Badminton Juggling : Each 4 team members stand at the4 court points; the first juggles the ball and relay to the next one until thelast one juggle back to the initial place; if the ball drop down, the wholeteam back to the beginning; the team juggles the most badminton in 5 minuteswin.

Badminton Catching: team members are standing at two sides ofthe court with two as serve the other two as catcher.

It seems that there is just a few balls inside.

Race against time: both teams concurrently pick up the 40badminton straggling on the court using rackets. The ones who gather the mostin 2 minutes win. Hurry up, guys!

Look at these two energetic pictures. Nice bouncing!

Top 3 of Men’s Singles. Are you familiar with them? That’sright. Here they are, the same winners even the same rank as the contest lastyear. Good job!


Top 2 of Men’s Doubles

Top 3 of Women’s Singles

Top 2 of Women’s Doubles

Champion of “Just For Fun”

Second prize of“Just For Fun”

Group photo of the organizers

Nice activity. Thank you so much, buddy. Wereally expect the contest next year.

 In summer,

We unlock passion by playing badminton.

No sports, no live.

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