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Fire Drill at Huizhou Base in the First Half of 2016

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To raise the awareness of security, learnhow to response to and escape from fire accident, and assure the life andproperty safety, we arranged a fire drill last week.

The exercise was carried out in order at 4p.m. in one afternoon. The commander expounded the generalknowledge about fire fighting such as how to use the fire extinguisher, how toescape fire, etc. The drill items includes emergency evacuation (workshopand dormitory), extinguishment, hose connecting and chemical leaking response. Allthe employees have played an active role in each activity, making it a reallysuccessful fire drill.

Relevant staff was preparing the drillsite in advance to make sure that the exercise go on smoothly.

Simulation drill:when fire alarm rang,the personnel evacuated in order and convened to the assemblingplace.

The security director was expounding thegeneral knowledge about fire fighting such as how to use the fire extinguisherand hydrants and how to response to the chemical leaking. All the voluntaryfire fighters as well as some of the workers practically operated theextinguishers and hydrants.

Vice director Li was summarizing the wholefire drill.

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