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Recreational activity: “sunny childhood, warm growth” family party in June

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At the early summer on June, birds chirp,flowers bloom and everything grows. We held a family activity themed with“sunnychildhood, warm growth”at such a beautiful and jubilant season. Kids at theparty are aged from months to teenage, even some with grandparents, whichshowed us great family warmth. Although we have such Children Day activityevery year, each one has something new. We have a common understanding thatthis kind of activity demonstrates care from company for both employees andtheir family. With this party, parents can have more time to accompany theirkids, and kids can have a really good time here.

Some family photos.

Kids’ talent show includes dancing,singing, martial art, recital, etc.

Forward together. Kids and parentsstand  move forward with their feet onone paper. The fast wins. 

Throwing balls. Parents with a basket andkids holding balls stand on 2 sides. The kids try to throw pin pong balls intoparents’ baskets as more as possible. 

Carrying balloons. After blowing aballoon, kids together with a parent carry it together to the destination asquick as possible.

Blind sticking nose. Kids circle around,blindfolded, and stick a nose to the right position of the picture according toparents’ directives. Such a pretty picture. Thumbs up to the painter.

Some family pictures. We wish more familywith kids will participate next year. Wish you a happy family.

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