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Recreational activity: the Third Tug of War in Huizhou Base

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Toenrich employees’ spiritual and cultural living and enhance cohesiveness,Huizhou base of FortuneShip held the third tug of war on June 1st. Perhapsbecause it came across Children’ s Day, the participants seemed particularlylovely with some childlike team names such as “caterpillar”, “galaxy”, “sunshine”,etc. 14 teams and almost 300 persons took part in the competition.

Howexciting! Both sides of the dorms are standing a large number of audiences. Theysay, this game on Children’ s Day help us back to our childhood.

Thisis exactly the way how tug of war should be carried out.

Surelythe success to tug of war depends more on collaboration and solidarity thanfighting alone. Each member is doing their best and the leaders spare noefforts to cheer them up. We can see that team leader of Galaxy is sweatinglike a pig due to his strenuous cheering.

Laughter and cheer are mixingin the air. All the participants are doing their best to devote to the war.Participation itself is more important than the results. That we work hardtogether for a common goal values the most.

The top 3 are taking grouppictures. Team members share the victory. You are the best.

Why this team turns out to bethe champion? All because they have man-girls. Fighting!

Congratulation to the top 3.(first prize: Galaxy; the second: Tiger; the third: Grass-root)

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