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Youthful May with Great Vitality—— FortuneShip Activity in Youth Day

来源  编辑:伟德betvictor

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Although Youth Day has passed,we organized an activitywith the theme of “Youthful May with great vitality”at the multimedia meeting room on last Saturday, to promote“May Fourth”spirit, show our employees’mindset of being positive and cooperative, and to enhance our cohesiveness.

Activity has notyet begun. Show you some fruits and dessert. Foodies, are you ready?

“Karaoke”, choose songs youlike through the  karaoke system (solo orduet). Mic hogs, it your time to show your versatility.

“Chess PK”,freely choose rivals tocompete. Determine the winner according to BO3 for gobang while one round forcheckers. This really test your patience and intelligence. 

“Calligraphy together”, writethe designated characters with the given tools, everybody’s intelligence,communication and cooperation.

“trust help forward”, one isblindfolded, and the other direct him/her to cross an area which is full ofobstacles. When the blindfolded succeeds in getting the coins and ships and putthem in the designated place, the two win the game. The obstacles are notallowed to be touched.

“Tower of victory”, use thepokers to build a tower as high as possible in 5 minutes. Hold your breath andstop trembling.

The winners can head to thelucky draw to find out which gift is yours. Go for it you lucky dogs.

The games rounds off. Sowhat are you still waiting for? Satisfy your belly!

We reach a common conclusionthat we should try to hold more such activities as possible. Recreationalactivity as it is, we can learn a lot, that is, cooperation leads us tovictory.

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