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The Unveil of FortuneShip Fourth Quarter Innovation Award in2014

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On January 23,2014,FortuneShip Fourth Quarter Innovation Award Meeting takes place in theafternoon, there are 13 applicants in the FortuneShip to compete for InnovationAward, with their innovative achievements in smart phone workmanship, software,company management system, etc. each applicant explains their innovationdetails and answers questions from committee of experts who will strictly checkand review these projects about innovation, technical advancement, economicvalue and utility value. Finally, there are 4 applicants win out for secondprize and third prize. And first prize is emptied and no one wins.

WithInnovation, With the Future

FortuneShipFourth Quarter Innovation Award Meeting

The secondprize

The secondprize

The thirdprize

The thirdprize


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