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FortuneShip the 3rd Photographing Contest

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Discoverthe beauty of innovation and share the colorful life! Fortuneship the 3rdemployees’ “Innovation. Sharing” photographing contest was hold in October. Altogether100 works were received from FortuneShip photography enthusiasts,of which 45 were professional camera works, and 55 were cell phone works. Theworks were divided into 3 categories, including nature, humanity and life, andlocal architecture. 

Thebeautiful works were just like a visual feast. They showed the beauties ofdesert, island, snow mountain and plane, taking us to fell the change ofseasons, and beauties of the world, from Santa to Maldives, from Lhasa toNepal. 

Judges evaluates the works in terms of topic connotation, innovationcomposition, color saturation, and focus exposure. Finally 31 works were evaluatedas the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention.Let’s admire some award-winning works.

Fairy tale indesert

A pool of greenwater

Beauty is an attitude


 The desert of the fairy tale

 the Taj Mahal

Begood at discovering. And beauty is near you. Take up your camera quickly andrecord the beauty of life!

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